I Have Heard of Congenital Candidiasis and Neonatal Candidiasis in Newborns, What is the Difference?

Congenital candidiasis is slightly more serious of the two but rarer. The key to understanding the medical terms for candida is to listen for something that indicated it has entered the bloodstream, system, invasive, these are such words. Congenital Candidiasis is not caused by picking up the candida from passing through the birth tube as with neonatal candidiasis, it is caused when even though a woman has an intrauterine device inserted she falls pregnant.

Usually when a baby is born with a candida infection it is easily treated and causes no harm. However a baby can also get invasive neonatal candidiasis and it too is a serious condition. Babies at risk are those born with very low birth weights. If you have any questions at all write them down and go through them with your doctor. If he or she gets too technical for you to follow tell them so that fully understand what is going on.

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