How Does Diatomaceous Earth for Candida Work?

There are two types of Diatomaceous earth, saltwater and freshwater. It is is an organic sedimentary rock, that is soft and crumbly in texture and is created from the fossilized remains of diatoms–unicellular algae with a cell wall of silica dioxide. It is used for its absorbent properties both medically and industrially. It was originally designed for animals helping to clear worms and parasites from livestock but is also suitable for humans for the same purposes.

Candida is a yeast that lives naturally in the body in small levels, but can overgrow and become a pathogenic fungus. That fungus excretes toxins into the body which leads to various symptoms and yeast infections. There are many alternative treatments and using diatomaceous earth for candida is one option.

Diatomaceous earth uses

  • dfgdfliquid filtration
  • toxic chemical spills
  • grain protectant
  • as an insecticide
  • liquid absorption
  • non-toxic flea control for pets
  • blood clotting
  • toxin absorber fir the gastrointestinal system (also known as Fossil Shell Flour)

Using Diatomaceous earth for candida overgrowth
It is the freshwater diatomaceous earth for candida that some sufferers turn to with success. The belief is it pulls apart and kills the candida micro-organisms in your gastrointestinal system and then absorbs them and the toxins it excretes, therefore clearing out your system. The ingestible form of diatomaceous earth that some candida sufferers use is fossil shell flour. This is a powder made from freshwater diatomaceous earth that is water soluble. Saltwater diatomaceous earth for candida is not possible because it has a high crystalline silica content and so is not for internal use.

Fossil Shell Flour
Marketers of fossil shell flour say when taken orally it passes through the gastrointestinal system absorbing toxins on its way and helping to clear up yeast infections caused by candida. A small amount, one tablespoon, is taken in water or another liquid once a day. It is also suitable for killing parasites. Labels should be read carefully but usually diatomaceous earth for candida is used for 10 days then off for 10 days and so on for 90 days. It is safe for children and pets too. It is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless and contains no synthetic chemicals.

There is also a form of Diatomaceous earth used in swimming pool filters but this has been processed and chemically treated and so is not the same as the food grade product.

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