Does Candida Make You Smell?

The question of does candida make you smell is a debated one, it does not seem to affect all sufferers, but enough people feel that there is a link, for it to be something to keep in mind, if you are noticing this problem. When we ask does candida make you smell we are not just talking about a vaginal smell though we will have a quick look at that, but having problems with general body odor because of candida overgrowth. While this symptom may not cause the sufferer much in terms of pain or physical discomfort, it is one that can have a very noticeable impact on a person’s work and social life, and on their emotional state. Key to having problems with your smell is finding the root cause rather than just masking it, so if candida is the cause, it needs to be dealt with.

Vaginal odor
A quick reference to the problem with vaginal odor in case this is the smell you were concerned about when asking does candida make you smell. Yeast infections do not usually cause a nasty odor – some have no odor change at all, while others may notice a yeasty smell. If you have a stronger odor than this, or a fishy odor, it is actually more likely you have another vaginal infection like B.V. When unsure about what you have it is important to get a doctor to give a proper diagnosis so that the treatment you use is effective.

Body odor is linked to good bacteria levels
Some research has found that when a person has an imbalance in their digestive system and the levels of good bacteria are low, this affects your smell. This is key to the link to candida because low levels of these micro-organisms are also how candida can then overgrow. Good bacteria not only fight the fungus though, they also have other important roles to play such as helping the process of digestion, detoxifying the body and creating nutrients that are essential to our health. When your body is full of toxins and you are not digesting properly this can lead to an increased problem with body odor.

Does candida make you smell – what you can do
Taking probiotic supplements is not just a good thing to do to help fight the candida, it can also directly help improve how you smell. Undertaking a detoxification or cleansing process may also help. There are several ways to do this, kits from pharmacies, home drinks you can make, visiting a professional, fasting and so on. There are various articles on this site about various methods of cleansing. Make sure it is safe for you to do this though.

Another thing you can do is change your diet. A diet that is full of junk and processed foods is not just one that can worsen candida, it also affects how you smell. Going on a candida diet, or something more towards that where you cut out certain foods and add in more healthy options will help.

Finally but importantly, as well as dealing with the candida, you need to identify what triggered the overgrowth. Without doing this the odor may be something that becomes a recurring issue.

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