Candida Symptoms – Reasons for Candida Bleeding

When a person is suffering from a yeast infection whichever form it is in, there are common symptoms, such as irritation, itching that can range from mild to severe, rash, redness, inflammation and so on. This article will look at candida symptoms – reasons for candida bleeding. Candida bleeding is basically something that is caused by your reaction to these symptoms rather than being an actual symptoms of a yeast infection. Candida bleeding most often occurs from a person scratching to much.

Diagnosis and treatment
When you get a yeast infection or you notice symptoms that make you think you may have one, the first thing you need to do is go to a doctor for a proper diagnosis and talk about treatment options. This is because some symptoms are similar across a range of different types of infections so you need to make sure you know what you have and are treating it correctly. Also leaving a yeast infection and hoping it will go away doesn’t work and can lead to candida bleeding, because your symptoms get worse, you scratch and rub at it more causing damage to the skin and potentially secondary infection as well as the candida bleeding.

Forms candida bleeding can take
Vaginal infection – Candida bleeding can occur from scratches and open wounds caused by scratching or can occur from over treatment. When you use too many different treatments on the same area it can cause inflammation and even break the skin and cause candida bleeding. Being too rough when drying yourself or over cleaning too many times a day can also lead to bleeding from damaged skin. Please note here that pregnant women that experience any kind of bleeding should immediately seek medical help.

Since candida bleeding is not a common problem, bleeding from the vagina if it is not just from damaged skin, may indicate something else is wrong. Such conditions as fibroid tumors, endometritis, trichomoniasis and cervical polyps can cause vaginal bleeding. If the bleeding is more than from some light cuts, this is unlikely to be candida bleeding and you need to see a doctor.

Skin yeast infection – Scratching at a skin rash can lead to small cuts and abrasions can may cause some candida bleeding. Make sure this is looked at as secondary infection could occur causing other problems. You also do not want the candida fungus getting into your blood.

Oral yeast infection (Thrush) – Candida symptoms and reasons for candida bleeding in the mouth can occur if the white spots are lifted or knocked revealing the lesions below. Try to be careful when cleaning your teeth and avoid picking at them or touching them.

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