Acidophilus Supplements and Yeast Infections

The fungus that causes a yeast infection is called Candida albicans, and it leads to a yeast infection when there is too much of it in your system (i.e it has overgrown). To prevent that from happening we have our immune systems and good bacteria inside us. These live bacteria called Acidophilus live in the digestive system and help things work there by making lactase, acidolin, acidolphilin, lactocidin and bacteriocin, all antimicrobial substances that act to improve your general health as well as biotin and Vitamin K. They keep the environment unfriendly for the fungus and they also eat the food the fungus eats and so in this way they prevent the Candida albicans from growing.

If you are treating a yeast infection you should also be cutting back on foods that feed the fungus but this also means you are starving the good bacteria. Or you may be on a course of antibiotics that have killed the bacteria both good and bad. For whatever reason your body is imbalanced and you need to do what you can to address this and re-balance it. Taking acidophilus supplements for yeast infections is something you can do whether this is your first yeast infection, or whether you have a recurring problem.

There are a few ways you can put back the good bacteria into your system. There are probiotic, live yogurts that you can eat to replenish them. Make sure if you opt for this way that you eat only plain no sugar yogurt. You can also take acidophilus supplements for yeast infections purchased from a health food store. It can come in several forms, pills, liquid, choose whichever suits you. Try to buy it in a glass container as when stored in plastic it can loose some potency. Whichever supplement you get you also want it to have two billion colony forming units per gram.

Ideally you want the supplement to also have FOS in them, as this is a food for the acidophilus and means the good bacteria will grow more quickly. Other things you can do to encourage the good bacteria growth is avoid chlorine such as found in pools, avoid antibiotics unless they are essential, and eat a healthy diet full of vegetables and low on sugars and refined carbohydrates.

You do not have to stop taking the acidophilus supplements for yeast infections when it has cleared up. You can keep taking it to ensure your good bacteria are always kept topped up so that they work for you in keeping you healthy.

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