What is the Duration of a Yeast Infection?

When you have a yeast infection it feels like it lasts forever, all you can think about as quick relief for those symptoms, the itching, swelling, soreness, irritation and so on. You want to know what the duration of a yeast infection is so you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel but the answer varies from person to person, depending on other medical factors, the severeness of the yeast infection and what treatment option you went for!

What is a yeast infection
A yeast infection occurs when there is an overgrowth of candida in your body. Candida lives there already, in small numbers doing no harm. It isn’t something you catch. Certain conditions give that yeast a chance to grow though and when there is too much in the body a response from the immune system is triggered by all the toxins being released by the fungus. It is those toxins that cause yeast infection symptoms. Triggers vary from hormonal imbalance, diet, drugs, stress and more. Whether you deal with the trigger, the root cause of the problem can affect the duration of a yeast infection also.

For symptom relief
When discussing the duration of a yeast infection, this article means not just relief for the symptoms but the whole thing. However if it is symptoms relief you are after while you deal with the root cause there are things that can give you almost instant relief. Most over the counter treatments come with creams for topical use that are meant to soothe and ease the itching. Other things you can try are apple cider vinegar in a bath of warm water, for 20 minutes, tea tree oil on a tampon for 20 minutes, plain unsweetened yogurt eases the itching and soothes the inflammation.

Treating a yeast infection
Most treatments whether natural or medicated suggest a yeast infection should be cleared up after 7 days of treatment though if you have a more severe case it may stretch to 14 days. When treated properly 90% of patients successfully get rid of the infection. Symptoms may go sooner, around 3 days, but the treatment should be finished still. If after 7 days it is still a problem you need to see your doctor. Patients in hospitals who have compromised immune systems receiving treatment for invasive candidiasis can have a longer duration of yeast infection because it is spread through their body. There however a small number of people who suffer from recurring yeast infections which means they have a yeast infection at least 4 times a year.

See your doctor
If it is your first yeast infection or you are suffering with recurring infections you should see your doctor for a confirmed diagnosis, as many women incorrectly self diagnose because the symptoms are similar to other possible infections. Remember duration of a yeast infection depends on proper treatment. Ignoring it will not have it just go away.

Preventing a yeast infection
Of course to make the duration of a yeast infection as short as possible, or to have it not happen at all, there are some things you can do to help prevent them. These include;

    • Change out of wet clothing straight away
    • Wear breathable material like cotton and loose fitting clothing
    • Do not use sprays, harsh chemicals
    • Do not douche
    • Control your diabetes
    • Wash and dry thoroughly
    • Only take antibiotics if the doctor says they are necessary
    • Eat a healthy diet low in sugar and high in vegetables

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