Plant Tannin Supplements for Candida from Intensive Nutrition Incorporated

Intensive Nutrition Incorporated have several products suitable for candida overgrowth for those looking for natural supplements. Tannin can be found in many plants and is a natural anti-fungal. This article looks at the three main plant tannin supplements from this company.

Tanoral (plant tannin supplements for oral health)
Tanoral is meant to be used like mouth rinse and was made to fight bacterial and fungal infections of the mouth. It contains a combination of plant tannins along with citric acid, glycine, zinc and a natural mint flavor. It can also be used as a tooth powder and paste for application directly to the gums. Though Tanoral is meant just for oral infections such as Thrush, if used with Tanalbit it can help with controlling recurring oral infections and candida overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract.

The tannins in Tanoral combine with the yeast cells and stop them from adhering to the oral mucous membranes. To use it as a mouthwash use a scoop of Tanoral and add it to a small amount of water and swish in the mouth. Keep it there for 30 seconds to one minute and then spit out. It is not something to swallow. To use as a tooth powder or paste for the gums use a small amount of powder on a wet toothbrush and brush gently in circles.

This is one of the plant tannin supplements that can be used by anyone. It is gentle but still effective. However since young children have a tendency to swallow rather than spit out it may not be a suitable form for them. Also remember to tell your physician you are using Tanoral particularly if you are taking other medication.

Tanalbit (plant tannin supplements for gastrointestinal balance)
Tanalbit uses a formula of plant tannins to help balance and support a healthy gastrointestinal tract and helps with both bacterial and fungal overgrowth. It can also help with symptoms such as;

  • toxicity buildup
  • gas
  • food allergies
  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • fatigue

It uses the high antioxidant and astringency of condensed natural tannins with lotus rhizome extract, which disables microbial mycotic organisms. These plant tannin supplements can be used for 6 weeks to clear up a yeast problem, though some cases can take less time and some may take more depending on the severity of the problem. It is taken daily to help remove the toxins the fungus excretes. It will reach the intestine without being degraded by the stomach acid it passes through.

Tannins should not be used as a yeast infection treatment if you are taking steroidal or alkaline medications. Tanalbit can cause constipation, anxiety, and sleeplessness in some people. Pregnant and breast feeding women should not use it. Also avoid using it before going to sleep and do not have with caffeine.

Tanafem (plant tannin supplements for vaginal yeast infection)
Tanafem is an alternative to over the counter medications women often turn to for vaginal yeast infections. It is a herbal vaginal douche powder that contains plant tannins, condensed Zinc and Glycine. The tannins bond to the yeast cells and during the douching these bonded cells leave the vagina amongst the used douche solution. It is gentle but effective and if you also combine it with Tanalbit you effectively deal with the candida in your gastrointestinal tract as well as your vagina, helping to prevent recurring infections.

Remember the tannins do not actually kill the fungus, it bonds to it, therefore the yeast cannot build up a resistance to it. There is far less irritation with this natural product than with over the counter medications. Just mix a scoop with half to one cup of warm water in the applicator bottle. Then insert the applicator into the vagina and douche until the solution is all used up. Use once a day for three days and then take a day break, and if symptoms are still there do another 3 day cycle. Avoid sex and scented products and soaps. Do not use for longer than 7 days. For the external symptoms use the powder with water to make a paste and apply to the outer labia and other areas that are inflamed, irritated or itching. This is best done at night and then use a panty liner or pad to protect underwear/nightwear.

Tanalbit plant tannin supplements can also be used as a prophylactic to prevent recurring vaginal yeast infections. Take 2 to 6 capsules a day for two days before those times you have a recurring problem, for some women this tends to be around their period for example. Tanafem should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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