Is There Visual Evidence of Candida in Feces?

Candida is the name for a family of fungi, the most common species that cause yeast infections in humans is Candida albicans. It lives naturally in us but a trigger can lead to it overgrowing which leads to the yeast infections. It is not just a female problem, men can get yeast infections too, and it can affect the young to the elderly. Usually it causes discomfort, some irritation, some pain, but it is treatable. In a small few who have compromised immune systems, such as those with AIDS, or cancer treatment patients, if the yeast becomes systemic it can be fatal. Systemic means it has entered the bloodstream and is being moved around the body to affect various internal organs.

Candida has been linked to various other conditions such as crohns disease, autism, celiac disease, IBS, arthritis and some also link a very large host of symptoms to it, including allergies, brain fog, depression, anxiety, as well as more physical ones such as bloating, diarrhea, headaches, constipation, gas, fatigue, muscle aches. Treatment involves taking anti-fungals, either drugs or natural depending on preference and severity of the problem. However before treating yeast infections you need to know whether candida is the problem. After all the symptoms could be indicators of various other ailments too. This is why some people ask if there is visual evidence of candida in feces.

Overabundance of yeast
It is true that if you have a large amount of candida in your system, or you are experiencing Herxheimer syndrome or candida die-off, that there is visual evidence of candida in feces. Die-off is when the yeast is dieing in large numbers and the body is getting rid of it. Feces that has candida in it will contain a white stringy material, similar to thin pieces of string cheese. Visual evidence of candida in feces can also be a cottage cheese type substance, looking frothy, or mucus like. If there is rectal bleeding too, or it increases over the weeks, see a doctor.

Diagnosing intestinal candidiasis is hard as there is meant to be a small amount of yeast in everyone. Therefore taking a stool sample is not necessarily on its own an indicator that the patient has an overgrowth of candida. Having visual evidence of candida in feces needs to be considered alongside whether that person has any other symptoms. Also sometimes a person may have a candida problem but it might not show in their feces. If a person does have to give a stool sample they should do so when their candida symptoms are at their worse and should not have taken any treatment at least 3 days before.

What to do if you see visual evidence of candida in feces

  • Visit your doctor and discuss treatment options with him or her.
  • Make dietary changes such as reducing how much bread and yeast products you eat.
  • Take probiotic supplements to increase the good bacteria and regain balance of your intestinal flora.

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