Candida and Weight Gain

There are many unpleasant symptoms linked to a candida overgrowth and one of them is gaining weight. For some sufferers candida and weight gain go hand in hand, and loosing that weight without dealing with the candida problem is impossible. There are several reasons behind candida and weight gain, which this article will look at.

When you have a gastrointestinal candida overgrowth you can also develop cravings for certain foods, particularly sweet and sugar filled foods and refined carbohydrates. This happens because the candida feeds on sugar and so is causing you to crave and consume more of it. So not only are you feeding the fungus and encouraging its growth you are also eating foods that will make you put on a lot of weight. You have entered a cycle where candida and weight gain are controlling your life. Plus the candida and weight gain have the affect of making you feel fatigued and lacking in energy, and so you eat more sugar to keep you going.

When dealing with candida and weight gain the first thing you should do while treating the candida is also make changes to your diet. Cut out the sugar, not just the obvious foods like cookies, sodas, cakes, but also the hidden sugars in some salad dressings, sauces and so on. Starve the fungus of the food it wants to keep growing and you re also gaining control over one of the causes of your weight problem. This could lead to a problem with die-off, where the increase in toxins that the dieing yeast releases builds up and is too much for the body to get rid of, so lingers in the body and makes your symptoms worse for a while. However stick with it because the worsening of symptoms will pass and is a sign the candida is dieing and your steps to control candida and weight gain are working.

Nutrients and Vitamins
When your body is struggling with candida overgrowth you are normally lacking in certain nutrients and vitamins, because your digestive system is not able to work as it normally does. When your body does not have the right nutrients and your digestive system is not working properly then it is not breaking down food as it should be leading to weight gain. When food is converted to either fat or energy it takes certain enzymes to do it, and those enzymes are dependent on minerals and vitamins.

Good bacteria
The good bacteria in our body helps with the digestive system as well as keeping the immune system strong. An overgrowth of candida means that the population of friendly bacteria is small or non-existent. Without them your body does not work as it should, another way candida and weight gain are linked.

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