Can a man get a yeast infection?

Yes he can. A yeast infection is not just a female health problem. It is true that the most common form of yeast infection is vaginal, as the vagina is such a perfect breeding ground for the fungus, and women have more triggers to contend with that cause overgrowth than men do, such as hormonal changes, birth control pill, contraceptive devices, pregnancy. But candida lives on everyone in small numbers, it just takes imbalance or a trigger to lead to an overgrowth which causes a yeast infection. There is the potential for this to happen with men as well as with women. Jock itch for example is more common amongst men than women, and can be caused by candida. Obese men have skin folds just like obese women, where a moist and warm environment is created that the candida loves.

Men can also get a penis yeast infection from having sex with a woman who has a vaginal yeast infection, although this method of infection is uncommon. If either man or woman has a yeast infection it needs to be treated and either abstain until it is cleared up or use a condom to be sure.

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