Andrographis for Candida Treatment

Andrographis paniculata is a herb also known as Hempedu Bumi, Kalmegh, Chuan xin lian and King of Bitters. It is a herb traditionally used in Indian, Asian and Chinese medicine and is used for its immune strengthening properties as well as to treat various infections. The belief is it stimulates the immune system in two ways, creating more antibodies to attack specific invading microbes and a non specific immune response macrophage cells which look for and deal with invaders. This herb’s actions include

  • adaptogen i.e it helps normalize physical function
  • antibiotic
  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • anti-diabetic
  • anti-acne
  • anti-carcinogenic
  • anti-thrombotic
  • anti-viral
  • anti-microbial
  • antiperiodic
  • antipyretic
  • blood purifier
  • cardio protective
  • choleretic
  • promotes digestion
  • depurative
  • expectorant
  • helps protect liver functions
  • hypoglycemic
  • immuno-stimulant
  • laxative
  • prophylactic
  • sedative
  • vermicidal

Because it has so much potential this herb is used in a lot of different formulas for various purposes.

What is it used for?
Apart from the potential of using Andrographis for Candida Treatment due to its immune system boosting effect, it is commonly recognized as a treatment for the flu and the common cold. Several studies have been performed to confirm its affects on treating and preventing cold and flu symptoms. It helped reduce fever, ease sore throat and coughing. It can also help with gastrointestinal problems which is part of how Andrographis for Candida Treatment works. It helps protect the liver from harmful toxins.

Active constituents in Andrographis for Candida Treatment
The main constituents are diterpene lactones also known as andrographolides. These are what stimulates the immune system and therefore can help fight the candida overgrowth. Dosage of Andrographis for Candida Treatment varies between herbalists and products. You can usually find it dried in capsules or you can also use it like a tea, particularly if you are using it for its intestinal benefits, just use 1 teaspoon of the herb and add hot water. Leave to stand for 10 minutes before drinking before meals. Due to its bitterness you may want to add something to sweeten it, though this cannot be sugar as that is meant to be taken out of your diet for candida problems. However there are a couple of natural sweeteners that are allowed that you can try.

Side effects of using Andrographis for Candida Treatment
There are no known major side effects with this herb though it is known that bitter herbs can aggravate ulcers and heartburn so if you suffer from them it is best to find an alternative herbal treatment. Large doses taken orally can cause stomach discomfort and vomiting. Itching can occur. Do not use Andrographis for Candida Treatment if you have gall bladder disease, you are breast feeding or you are pregnant.

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