Homeopathy and Supplements for a Yeast Infection – Part One

A yeast infection is the result of the overgrowth of Candida, a fungus that lives naturally in most people. Usually it is monitored and controlled by good bacteria and kept at low numbers but sometimes an imbalance or a trigger can occur that leads to the overgrowth. The conventional method of treatment is to use anti-fungal drugs, whether oral, suppository or a cream applied to the infected surface. There are over the counter anti-fungal medications and a doctor can also prescribe something, if you need a stronger treatment.

But those are not your only treatment options. There are also home remedies that include such things as raw garlic, plain live yogurt and honey. Alongside a home treatment or a third treatment option, is to look at using supplements and homeopathy. There are several herbs and supplements a person can use though you will find most alternative practitioners suggest you start in small amounts and increase gradually, as there can be at first a worsening of your symptoms. The alternative practitioners believe this is because when the yeast is killed it releases toxins and protein fragments.

When using homeopathy and supplements for a yeast infection, a person has an individual program to suit their body and needs, which usually includes a diet change as well as taking supplements or herbs. A person usually notices their condition getting better after two to four weeks.

This article is broken into two parts, homeopathy and supplements for a yeast infection part one will look at some supplements you can take for a yeast infection, and part two will look at some of the herbal possibilities.

Enteric-coated essential oils
These are enteric-coated capsules that have in them peppermint oil, oregano oil or any other volatile oil and are believed to stop the candida from having any further growth. A person would take these supplements for several months, dosage is usually two capsules twice a day. Just a warning about volatile oils, they can be toxic so the capsules should not be broken up to get to the liquid inside.

Note: In case you are wondering an enteric coating is something that is applied to some capsules and pills to control where the medication inside the capsule is released. So when you swallow it will not just release in the stomach, an enteric coating means it will release in the small intestine.

This is the name of the good bacteria that usually control the growth of the candida inside us. Sometimes we can help that process by taking acidophillus as a supplement. Acidophillus works by making the environment around the fungus more acidic, so it is harder for the fungus to grow and then this friendly bacteria also makes hydrogen peroxide, which actually kills candida. It has been proven with research that taking acidophillus supplements does reduce the chance of getting an antibiotic caused yeast infection. Microbial balance is also restored in the digestive tract thanks to these beneficial bacteria.

Enteric-coated garlic
This treatment is used alongside the volatile oils supplement. Again due to the enteric coating, the garlic is not released until in the small intestines. Take one pill twice a day. Garlic is a natural anti-fungal agent.

You can get soluble fiber that contains psyllium husks, guar gum, flaxseeds or pectin. Mix between one teaspoon and one tablespoon into a glass of water and drink twice a day before eating.

These four supplements are very effective against yeast infections though there are others you can try such as oleic acid from olive oil, caprylic acid from coconuts, pau d’arco and oregano oil. Quite a few are meant to be used as part of a combination of supplementation. If you are unsure but want to try homeopathy and supplements for a yeast infection talk to the health store or visit an expert who can come up with an individual program for you.

Homeopathy and Sypplements For a Yeast Infection – Part Two

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