Yeast Infections – Pregnancy Comes With Sacrifice

During a pregnancy, the hormonal changes a woman goes through can be very intense and the changes in her body can actually cause the outbreak of a yeast infection. The normal balance of Candida Albicans bacteria can be thrown out of whack, which makes the bacteria production too great, therefore causing the infection.

The woman’s vagina is not the only place a yeast infection can appear. The Candida Albicans bacteria can be over productive, and when this happens, any place where it is dark and contained, warm and moist will easily act like a friendly environment for growing the yeast infection. Other parts of the body where this kind of infection can be found is between the toes, the armpit or even the mouth.

Pregnancy is a natural time for the Candida Albicans bacteria to develop because when all the circumstances are normal in the woman’s life, the bacteria is contained in the vagina in small groups. However, when pregnancy hormones come into play, the bacteria increases in numbers and overtakes the healthy bacteria, so the imbalance results in an infection.

The fetus needs to have a safe dwelling place inside the womb, so while pregnant – the natural defenses of the woman’s system are lessened (so the fetus grows without harm). This makes the body of the pregnant woman susceptible to the yeast infection even in repeated episodes while pregnant.

When this happens, it is best for the health care professional to make an analysis of the symptoms. In fact, especially while pregnant – any kind of treatment for a yeast infection should be discussed with your health care professional before you begin taking it. The wrong method of treatment could either cause a labor to happen too soon or some other kind of damage to the unborn child. The method of treatment can be a home remedy or a natural method as well as a prescribed medication from your physician.

Should the matter of breast feeding the newborn be an issue, it is even more necessary to keep a close watch for any signs of yeast infections during pregnancy. The hormones are greatly affected by breast feeding, which could be another forerunner to an imbalance in the system leading to yeast infection. Take precautions to prevent infections by paying extreme attention to hygiene and healthy living for a safer pregnancy experience.

As for yeast infections, pregnancy does come with this risk; the fact that your body is letting the “guard” down for welcoming the newborn exposes you to risks such as this one – but with the proper prevention, this shouldn’t be an issue.

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