Yeast Infection Test – Is There Such a Thing?

It is not always necessary for a health care professional to perform a yeast infection test in healthy individuals in order to determine the disorder caused by Candida. However, when the individual has never had a yeast infection, a test is needed to discover and then analyze the condition. In some cases, the used treatment may not eliminate the infection or more than one place on the body may be involved in the infection.. When this is the case, more involved diagnosing will be required.

Candida albicans is the medical name for a yeast infection. A yeast infection is a fungus that most commonly affects the vagina. The signs of this kind of infection are very similar to those of other disorders in the same area, so testing is necessary for an accurate diagnosis. The yeast infection test involves a specimen of the fluids from the vagina to be examined using a microscope. When the yeast infection is discovered and correctly treated, a it is curable and not life threatening.

During the exam, the health care professional will examine the vagina and surrounding area by pressing slightly on the ovaries, uterus and adjacent areas searching for any problems or tenderness that can be caused by a yeast infection. Urine samples and blood samples may also be necessary to take for analysis to get an accurate diagnosis. It is important that prior to the exam the patient has not had intimacy nor done any douching, as this could change the outcome of the findings when looking for the candida albicans.

When it comes to a yeast infection, testing will involve looking at a scraping of the infection from the skin involved. Diapers are breeders of a yeast infection because it is a warm, dark and moist environment that does breed yeast. When your toddler has a problem with a diaper rash, that does not disappear after being cared for and treated for a couple of days, so a trip to your doctor is a good precautionary step to take. If you toddler does have a yeast infection and it is not taken care of properly, the child will have a lot of unnecessary discomfort.

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