Yeast Infection Symptoms – Dealing With Yeast Infections – Symptoms and Info

Yeast infections are very common; in fact a surprisingly high statistic of 60% of women regularly suffer from vaginal yeast infections. It is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. These do not just spread in the genital area, they thrive in moist dark areas so the mouth is also a commonly infected place. It is important that should you be showing symptoms of a yeast infection that you seek out medical help straight away or consider natural therapy. Do not allow the infection to go untreated. If you are not aware of what the symptoms look like here are some pointers.

Itching and Burning
This is one of the most common symptoms of a yeast infection, from a little itching to a lot, accompanied by a burning. This happens anywhere in the vagina or vulva and is a very clear sign of the infection. Any kind of itching or pain that is regular should get you to seek some form of treatment whether over the counter, prescribed or natural. If you are in great discomfort all the time, try a natural treatment while you make an emergency appointment with your doctor.

Vaginal discharge
If you notice that you are getting a white or yellow discharge from the vagina this is also a yeast infection symptom. Though the texture can vary from woman to woman from runny to lumpy it is the color to watch out for.

This symptom is not common to all yeast infections but it is one to be aware of. The smell is of yeast, as in beer or bread. If this smell is coming from your vagina, or indeed any abnormal odor then it may be a yeast infection.

Though these are three of the more common symptoms there are many more and not all women will experience the same yeast infection symptoms. Make sure you listen to your body; you know when something is amiss. If some or all of these symptoms should occur it is probable that you have developed a yeast infection and should therefore go and see your doctor.

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