Yeast Infection Pictures and Signs – See What Candida Looks Like!

Sometimes it is helpful to have pictures of what symptoms look like for some elements. However, it can be time consuming surfing the web and for yeast infection pictures – and there is no need as below I have outlined very clearly for you the most common symptoms women tend to suffer from and displayed some pictures:




Think you might have a yeast infection? Compare your symptoms to those outlined below and by the end of this article you will know:
Symptoms that can be shown in a picture but do you want to see it?!
A very common sign of a yeast infection is a redness and a rash and can happen around the vulva as well as the vagina. Most intelligent people do not need a picture to know what redness looks like! There can also be a discharge of different consistencies for different women. Sometimes it is very thick, sometimes it is lumpy, sometimes it can be very runny. Its color tends to be clear , white or pale yellow though sometimes less often it can be brown.

Symptoms that cannot be shown in a picture.
Perhaps the most obvious and common symptom is the itching around the whole infected area. This is often accompanied by a burning sensation almost like the feeling of sunburn but in the genital area, specifically the vulva and vaginal cavity. Along with the outlined discharge there can be an odor of yeast; comparable to bread or beer. If the smell is more fishy it is more likely a bacterial infection. The yeast infection causes pain, not just from the itchiness but also felt when having sex and when going to the bathroom.

What is important to know is that there are treatments for yeast infections that are completely natural, that work on both the symptoms and the infection itself. Now that you are aware of what the common effects are take some time to research these natural remedies and decide which will work for you. Why waste time on looking at pictures when you can use that time to find out how to get rid of it?

This article describes most of the symptoms and even presents some yeast infection pictures. Compare this information to your present condition and self-diagnose yourself. However, when making a decision about your treatment you should always talk to a doctor.

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