Yeast Infection Natural Remedies

Not all women immediately become aware that they have a yeast infection as symptoms from woman to woman can vary. But for some they can be so bad that their day to day life routine is ruined as they try to avoid going out and seeing people, out of embarrassment. There are ways in which you can deal with your problem effectively other than using drugs or antibiotics.

Antibiotics are actually the last thing you want to take for a yeast infection as they can be one of the causes of it. If you have been on antibiotics recently for another illness this may be why you are suffering from a yeast infection now. Normally the fungus Candida, which is naturally present on our bodies all the time, is kept under control by good bacteria present in the body but antibiotics kill all bacteria the good ones too. As a result the Candida grow and spread. It is then that the very undesirable symptoms kick in, such as pain, itching, swelling and irritation. But how can you treat it?

Many women claim the best methods are natural remedies as they work on the root cause of the infection as well as the symptoms. Other treatments like over the counter products and drugs have side effects and are more costly as well as only dealing with the symptoms. These yeast infection natural remedies can be homeopathic, herbal and lifestyle changes. The following three suggestions are home yeast infection natural remedies that work.

  1. Grapefruit seed extract is available from many stores. You can put it directly onto the vagina to clear up the infection.
  2. Curds from unpasteurized milk are another remedy. They have good bacteria that will kill the fungus. Just use a tampon and place the curd up the vagina.
  3. Finally oregano oil can kill the candida. Use on the vagina two to three times daily. It will take a few days to see results.

Use these treatments to get rid of an existing infection and make changes to your diet, clothing and hygiene routine to ensure your yeast infection does not become a reoccurring one.

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