Why are Pregnant Women More Likely to Get a Yeast Infection?

Pregnancy brings with it so many joys, and unfortunately also some great discomforts, one of them being the greater chances of suffering from a yeast infection. At least one third of women carry the fungus that causes yeast infections in their vagina already, candida albicans. But during pregnancy women go through fluctuating hormones and this causes an imbalance. The higher levels of estrogen means that the vagina makes more glycogen which makes things easier for the candida to overgrow.

There is some thought that estrogen also has a direct effect on the yeast causing it to grow quicker and allowing the fungus to stick more easily to the vaginal walls. The vagina was already the perfect breeding place for a yeast infection, but the increase in estrogen and upset in balance makes it even more so.

Finally remember that while pregnant a woman’s immune system is not at full strength because the body does not want to attack the baby in the womb. Therefore she is more likely to get a number of infections including a yeast infection.

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