What Are The Symptoms of a Vaginal Yeast Infection?

Vaginal yeast infections are the most common form of candidiasis which is why yeast infections are mistakenly thought to be a woman’s problem. A vaginal yeast infection is something that most women will have to face at least once in their life, starting from when their period starts, up to menopause age. Symptoms vary from woman to woman and some can even have a vaginal yeast infection and have very few symptoms at all. They include;

  • itching ranging from mild to severe depending on how bad the infection is
  • burning
  • soreness
  • inflammation
  • discomfort
  • a discharge that is whitish in color and often has a texture that is compared to cottage cheese
  • a yeasty smell
  • pain when having sex from being too dry
  • pain when urinating (when the urine passes over the sore and sensitive skin rather than as the urine travels down the tube)

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