Symptoms and Reasons for a Mouth Yeast Infection

The major cause of oral thrush is Candida albicans – the yeast fungus that under normal conditions occurs naturally in our mouths and bodies. But when an imbalance occurs the yeast grows excessively and can then attack the host ie. you. Oral thrush must be treated as early as possible otherwise it can get complicated. Avoid sugar and foods containing sugars as these feed the yeast. Try to add supplements of vitamins to your diet to give your immune system a boost.

Symptoms to look out for are yellow scaley patches in the mouth that look like blisters. These make it painful to swallow any food or drink and may even bleed if you scrape at them. The earlier you treat this the less chance you have of it returning. There are several options open to you, some work and some are potentially dangerous. Therefore make sure you are informed and think carefully about the route you take.

Some people nowadays turn to over the counter treatments and have success, but many are becoming unhappy with those and the prescripted options. There are several reasons for this, a reluctance to put uneccesary chemicals in their bodies, the side effects that can result and sometimes just becasue they are ineffective. The alternative is to try natural treatments which can help relieve the smyptoms and the infection. Firstly make sure you drink plenty of water and you have excellent oral hygiene. Brush and floss regularly and use mouthwash.

There are several reasons why you may have gotten Thrush. Antibiotics when used over a prolonged period can cause yeast infections. Other reasons may be an unhealthy liefstyle and diet that has too many yeast and sugar foods. Avoid sugar as it feeds the yeast, and leads it to breed more rapidly.

By knowing what causes the infection you can prevent it from returning once you have treated the current one. One final natural remedy suggestion is eating lots of natural plain yogurt each day. It has good bacteria that will slow down the yeast’s growth, will fight the infection and will provide a much needed soothing feeling.

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