Reoccurring Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infections happen when a fungus called Candida Albicans is given the right environment to overgrow and spread. Recurring means you have four or more infections every year. There are several reasons you might have this problem and do not worry you are not alone in it. In fact many women incorrectly treat their infection or use ineffective methods and have it come back because they got rid of the symptoms and not the cause. The following explanation for recurring infections may help you make changes to your life that will stop the cycle for good.

Candida like most fungi thrives in warm, damp and dark areas. To avoid giving it its ideal environment wear loose clothing, wear cotton as it allows the skin to breathe and when you can, avoid underwear altogether! You want to do whatever you can to get as much air as possible circulating in the infected area. Avoid pantyhose, synthetic materials, and tight clothing. Wash thoroughly but then dry thoroughly also after showers and swimming etc.

The things you consume have a vital role to play and are the leading cause if it is a poor diet. High consumption of sugar is a terrible idea as the yeast feeds on it. Processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are also poor choices. Cut these out of your diet and find some relaxation techniques to avoid stress and sleep well.

Immune systems
Antibiotics can weaken immune systems and are also bad because they kill good and bad bacteria, and it is the good bacteria in your body that regulates the fungus. Other things that weaken the immune system are drugs, stress and illnesses like HIV.

Diabetics are at a higher risk to reoccurring yeast infection because of their sugar levels. If you are not controlling your diabetes properly with a good diet and exercise, your sugar levels become too high. Again yeast feeds on sugar and so enjoys high sugar levels!

Birth Control Pills
Another well known cause of infections. This is due to the level of progestogen in some pills. Those that have higher levels cause more instances of reoccurring yeast infections in women.

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