Prunes and Candida – Can Prunes be Eaten on the Candida diet?

There is a growing popularity or realization today that we really are what we eat. The food and drink we put into ourselves has a direct impact on our health, and this is very true when dealing with candida overgrowth too. Candida feeds on sugar, so if you are eating a diet high in sugar you are more likely to have candida and yeast problems. You may think your diet is not high in sugars – but check again. If you are eating white flour, pasta, breads, salad dressings, sauces, ketchup, sodas – these are all foods that have hidden sugars or turn to sugar in the body. The candida diet means cutting out these foods as well as others. It is a strict diet and it is very specific on foods you can and cannot eat while you are following it. Many people have certain questions about foods and the candida diet, and this article looks at prunes and candida – can they be eaten on a candida diet.

Prunes are a dried fruit – dried plums in fact. There is no doubt that normally including prunes in your diet or drinking prune juice can be beneficial to a person’s health. If you have problems with constipation or hard stools, prunes are a great way to help with this as they contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. Eating just 3 prunes a day will provide you with around 4.2 grams of your daily fiber intake.

Prunes and Candida
However for candida sufferers prunes and candida are not the best way to relive constipation or get your fiber as they are also high in sugar. Those same three prunes will contain about 9 grams of sugar, the one thing you really need to avoid on a candida diet. In fact all dried fruit are meant to be avoided on a candida diet along with most fresh fruit for the first week or two. They contain natural sugars which are to be cut out of your diet along with the other kinds.

How to get fiber or relieve constipation without using prunes
Understand that having a healthy intestinal system is very important to dealing with candida and for your general health. You do need around 35 grams of fiber a day, but you should be getting that from various sources not just one. Fiber will bulk up in the intestines and help clear out the toxins and other material there that are not wanted. There are other options if you need to relieve constipation or you want to get more fiber. They include;

  • Enemas
  • Garlic flushes
  • Linseed
  • Drinking lots of water (also good for flushing out the candida toxins)
  • Oil
  • Psyllium
  • Flax seed

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