Oral Yeast Infection – Symptoms, Cause & Treatment

A yeast infection of the mouth is known as oral yeast infection or Thrush. It is quite a common infection for men and teenagers. It is quite simple to treat with medications as long as its cause is not a chronic yeast infection, which is more stubborn! The mouth is the second most common area to get an infection after the genital area. These places have lots of bacteria that are in a delicate balance. Yeast infections can multiply very quickly. When in the mouth Thrush tends to cause pain, particularly when eating, and has white areas in the mouth with red sores.

The fungi that leads to yeast infections and Thrush is in our bodies all the time for most people. It becomes a problem only when its environment is changed and conditions allow it to grow and spread. Things that can cause this are taking antibiotics, an unhealthy diet that contains too much sugar and carbohydrates and yeasty foods. This is because sugars are a food for the yeast.

Antibiotics can lead to an oral yeast infection, because antibiotics kill bacteria. Unfortunately they do not know which is good bacteria and which is bad, so they kill them both. Great for whatever illness you are taking them for, but bad for your immune system as it was the good bacteria that were keeping the fungi in balance. With them gone the fungi spread and a yeast infection is far more likely.

As with other forms of yeast infections Thrush is easy to get particularly if you have unprotected oral sex, which sadly is why it is common amongst teens. Safe sex is always important. Infantscan get it from sucking their fists, children from biting their nails, babies can get it from not sterilizing bottles correctly.
How do you deal with it? Probiotics. These are found in some yogurts, so eat sugar free, fruit free probiotic yogurt daily. There are other equally worthwhile treatments such as honey or apple cider vinegar which are worth researching and trying alongside the yogurt.

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