Mouth yeast infection

Though many people usually hear Thrush and think of it as a baby mouth yeast infection, in actual fact adults can get it too. The way both get it are different however. Babies get thrush when they are exposed to it usually through bottles that have not been thoroughly sterilized. The exposure actually helps their immune system develop a way to deal with it and is not that much of a problem for them meaning there is little pain or irritation. In adults though it is a very different matter.

Adults getting thrush is rarer and tends to happen when their immune system is already weakened drastically for example they are on chemotherapy or have HIV/AIDS. Teenagers are known to get thrush as it can be passed on when they have unprotected oral sex. Safe sex is always an important message to pass on. If your immune system is fully functional it can fight a mouth yeast infection, otherwise sufferers are faced with several uncomfortable symptoms.

These include pain inside the mouth and around it, thick white areas on the tongue (on babies this can be milk so see if it scrapes off, if it does it’s milk not thrush) mouth and lips, damp areas on the side of the lips and sometimes those infected get a fever. If you recognize any of those symptoms you should visit a medical professional as soon as you can to get an expert diagnosis. Do this even if you would rather use natural remedies rather than prescribed ones.

Should you want to try out natural treatments for thrush get some plain natural yogurt. You want the kind that has probiotics in it, live cultures. This has good bacteria, and good bacteria are what fight yeast infections. Make sure it is plain though, sugar feeds it and gets the yeast infection growing and spreading. Take some yogurt and put it onto the infected area for a few minutes a time. Do this 4-5 times a day. Not only do the active bacteria in the yogurt help cure the thrush infection, it also helps with the painful symptoms by giving you some cool relief.

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