Male Yeast Symptoms

Most people consider yeast infections to be a female problem but in fact they can occur in children and in men too. However most men do not recognize what they have and ignore the male yeast symptoms and it then goes undiagnosed and untreated. Though women tend to recognize reasonably quickly that something is wrong in that area, men have no real idea what a yeast infection is. Unfortunately this means larger problems with the health later on. It is actually harder to recognize yeast infections in men than in women.

There are several places the yeast infection can happen; penis, mouth, underarms, intestines and skin. Age is not a factor, you can not be too young or too old to get it.
Here are some male yeast symptoms and signs men can look for to see if they have a yeast infection.

  • Pain during sex, burning when urinating, rash or red area on the scrotum and or penis, itching.
  • White coat on the tongue, dizziness, digestive problems, short term memory problems, sweet tooth, irregular pulse.

There are several ways men can get a yeast infection. One is if their sexual partner has it. If the wife of girlfriend has a yeast infection it can be passed on through intercourse. Also if you are a big beer drinker this puts you more at risk. Beer has yeast in it and that yeast feeds the yeast of the infection kind.

Antibiotics are another cause. Men and women have good bacteria in them that are part of what keeps the fungus under control and stops it overgrowing and becoming a yeast infection. When we have used antibiotics these good bacteria get killed along with the bad ones and so the fungus can grow unchallenged.
If you are a guy who is suffering from any symptoms mentioned do not pretend it isn’t happening. Not treating it for a long time can cause other health problems and can make the symptoms get worse.

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