Male Yeast Infections

A lot of people believe that yeast infections are a female disease but men are also able to become infected in the genital area and orally in the form of Thrush. Some men are more likely to get it than others, particularly if you have a weakened immune system and though it is not classed as an STD it can be passed on through unprotected sex. This means a woman who is infected can pass it to the man who can then pass it back reinfecting the woman even if she has treated hers. Thrush can be caused when you have given oral sex to your infected partner. It is wise to abstain or practice safe sex whilst you have a yeast infection.

Using antibiotics over an extended period of time can also make you more likely to get a yeast infection. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria but they do not recognize the difference between good bacteria and bad, so they kill them all. This causes a problem because the good bacteria keep the fungus that leads to the yeast infection, under control. With the good bacteria thinned out or completely destroyed the fungus can grow.

Men with high blood sugar levels, including diabetics, are also more at risk. Sugar is a food for the yeast, and diabetics have more sugar in their urine meaning food for the yeast living in the genital area. If you are experiencing reoccurring male yeast infections and you are a diabetic make sure you discuss this with your physician.

Certain condoms can contribute to making you more likely to get an infection and those are the ones that have a lubricant that has nonoxynol-9 in it. Homosexual men are particularly open to anal yeast infections when using these condoms. It also contributes to women getting vaginal yeast infections so practice safe sex with condoms that do not use this lubricant.

If you believe you have a male yeast infection there are several options available to you. Visit your doctor for his or her advice and professional diagnosis, then choose between over the counter treatments, prescribed treatments or natural treatments. Just remember to make some lifestyle and diet changes to rebalance your body’s chemicals and make sure you are not feeding the yeast or supplying it with an ideal environment to grow in.

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