Male Yeast Infection Ttreatment

Male yeast infections can happen just as much as the female equivalent and happen for the same reason; the fungus Candida Albicans growing and spreading. It can turn into a nasty cycle as a man gets it from his infected sexual partner, and then passes it back to her and so on. There are other reasons for male yeast infection however and this article will look at those as well as some male yeast infection treatments. As a recent statistic stated, one in four people are affected by a yeast infection, so it is important we educate ourselves about why and what to do about it.

The symptoms can vary but include irritability, bad breath, lack of energy, depression, itching, diarrhea, intestinal gas and athlete’s foot. As it is often seen as a female problem it is difficult to go into a local pharmacy and ask for male yeast infection treatments as most are directed at the female problem. The following factors are a few causes besides sexual intercourse.

If you have been on a dose of antibiotics for an extended amount of time battling an illness or infection this can cause you to be more likely to get a yeast infection. This is because the antibiotics will kill all your bacteria, the goodies and the baddies. It is the good bacteria that keep the fungus under control, without them the fungus thrives and becomes a yeast infection.

A weakened immune system caused by a long term illness like HIV, or chemotherapy makes you open to infections.

Blood sugar
High blood sugar and diabetics are more susceptible as the yeast feeds on the sugar.

A poor diet of high sugar, high carbs and high processed and convenience foods can also cause an imbalance that leads to the infection.

There are remedies that are natural that you can use effectively. These include garlic, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and yogurt. Also look at your lifestyle and make the necessary changes in your diet, your hygiene routine and your clothing. Eat more fiber and vegetables, get more probiotics in and drink lots of water. Wear loose clothing and cotton underwear. Wash and in particular dry the area properly.

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