Male Yeast Infection – How it Occurs and What to do About it?

It is not commonly realized that though yeast infections do affect women they can also affect men. It can be embarrassing for both genders as well as painful and annoying. A male yeast infection can occur in the usual places which are the genitals and the mouth but also just on small areas of the skin. There are many natural remedies out there that are effective for treating symptoms as well as the infection itself but perhaps one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective is plain old yogurt!

Both men and women have used this remedy and have found that the yogurt has a wonderful soothing action when applied to the infected area. It cools down the burning sensation and calms the itching symptom. It reduces the pain and discomfort and the good bacteria in it fights the male yeast infection itself. This means there is no need for antibiotics, which are bad for yeast infections anyway as they lower your body’s ability to fight the yeast infection because they kill all bacteria, good and bad.

First of all make sure it is natural, plain yogurt, no added fruit and especially no added sugar, as sugar is a food for the yeast infection helping it grow. It is a good idea to put the yogurt on a small section of skin before using it on the infection itself just in case you are one of the few that have poor reactions to such methods. This is a good idea for any treatment you may decide to try for yeast infections or indeed any home remedy. It is important to check first that you do not have an allergy to the product.

It is also advisable to discuss your symptoms with your doctor as they may have suggestions or advice about home remedies for male yeast infections which may influence which ones you use if any. To use the yogurt you can either eat it daily or you can apply it directly to the infected area using some cotton pads or something that is hygienic. You can of course do both!

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