Infant yeast infection

Many adults think incorrectly that yeast infections are grown up infections not infant. However, children can just as easily develop the conditions that candida loves. They do not just get Thrush (yeast infection of the mouth). Candida can multiply out of control in the young and lead to an infant yeast infection anywhere it is warm and wet.

Of course the main place other than the mouth that has a warm, wet environment is the diaper area. It is a great place for the yeast to grow due to the diaper trapping heat and urine against the baby’s skin. It is therefore extremely important that babies and infants still in diapers should be changed regularly. The area must be cleaned and allowed to dry, particularly in hot conditions such as summer time, when the child will be sweaty down there. If you use cloth diapers they must be cleaned carefully and thoroughly to make sure the candida does not have the environment it needs to spread.

Another action you can take to help your child is be very careful about them taking antibiotics. This is one of the most well known causes of yeast infections. Antibiotics attack bacteria, all of it, meaning they destroy the bacteria flora which are the micro organisms in the child’s body that were actually keeping the candida under control and thus preventing an infection.

Symptoms to watch out for in babies and infants are rashes, itching, crying when urinating and redness in the genital area. If you observe any of these, do not presume it will just go away by itself. You need to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. There are natural remedies to deal with yeast infections, but as you are dealing with young children it is important to consult with your doctor about any treatment you are considering in case your child proves to be sensitive to them. Natural remedies are less costly, are time proven and are pretty easy to find.

With all these being said, you now know the main important things to do when trying to deal with an infant yeast infection.

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