Diabetes yeast infection – how to deal with it?

There is a good reason for discussing diabetes and yeast infection in the same article. Candida is the cause of yeast infections so when you talk about one you need to talk about the other. Candida or Candidasis happens when the fungus in your body grows too much and multiplies. This happens for various reasons when something in your body is imbalanced, such as sugar, antibiotics, birth control pills, or stress.

Diabetes is all about sugar and yeast infections and Candida feed on sugar. People with diabetes have it because of imbalanced sugar levels, they have a history of raised sugar levels. Therefore they are more at risk for getting yeast infections and candida. Now it is clear why these 3 things are connected it should explain why if a raw food diet can help yeast infections it can also help diabetics!

It was in fact the famous model and talk show host Tyra Banks that introduced the raw food diet to everyone. Another famous person who has a raw food diet is Woody Harrison. If you eat raw food for only thirty days you will see drastic changes. Energy levels shoot up, weight falls off and you clean out your body. Raw meaning raw vegetables, nuts and fruits; melons, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach and so on. By leaving them raw you are not loosing any of the nutrients and vitamins that are in them. It also has less sugar uncooked. Ideas might be blending shakes and smoothies or making a variety of tasty salads.

Think about how you eat as well as what you eat. People eat on the go all the time, but this is not good for you as you are not paying attention to what you put into your mouth. Avoid refined foods like white flour, cut out junk foods like sodas and fried food. Drink lots of water and make sure you are consuming enough calories. Making the switch to a raw food diet may be hard at first but the health benefits are amazing.
A diabetes yeast infection combination could turn out pretty nasty, but with a good diet both these diseases can be kept under control.

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