Diabetes and Yeast Infections

In the US alone there are over 10 million diabetics – and those are the ones with a diagnosis, it is a problem that there are many people that are diabetic or borderline diabetic but have not been diagnosed yet. There is a direct link between diabetes and yeast infections. If you have diabetes and are not in complete control of your blood sugar levels you are more likely to suffer from yeast infections, and it is one of the main causes of recurring yeast infections. This is because the yeast’s primary food is sugar, so by having high blood sugar levels you are feeding the yeast and letting it grow.

A yeast infection is caused by the overgrowth of a fungus that lives on the body. Candida Albicans are controlled and kept in small numbers by good bacteria, but if the balance of the body is not maintained and opportunities for growth present themselves the fungus will do so very quickly becoming a yeast infection. This can happen on many different places on the body, anywhere that has the best conditions for the yeast which are warm and damp. That is why vaginal yeast infection is so common, but it can also happen in the men’s groin area, under folds of skin, in the mouth and so on.

What you can do
If you are diabetic there are things you can do to minimize your risks. First of all key to remember is keeping the sugar in your diet to very low amounts. Even those sweeteners you can get as alternatives are bad, the yeast feeds on all things sweet and if you are feeding it with what it wants it definitely won’t want to go! By reducing the amount of sweet and sugary things you consume and drink you are essentially starving the yeast.

Foods to avoid are mushrooms, nuts and honey. According to research carried out yeast also loves these things too. The best diet when trying to get rid of an infection is to focus on plenty of vegetables and fruits and try to eat raw a couple of times a week. This will ensure your immune system is getting all the minerals and so on that it needs and will give you a lot of energy and make you fell great. Drink plenty of water and it will also ensure the toxins in your body are being washed out including some of the yeast.

If you have a problem with recurring or chronic yeast infections you should talk to your doctor about having your blood sugar levels tested to check for diabetes. Sometimes people find out they are diabetic because they are having recurring yeast infections. This is not something you have to put up with if you are diabetic as long as you stay in control of your sugar levels.

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