Child Yeast Infection? Learn How to Deal With it!

Children often are at risk for a yeast infection due to several factors:

The body of a mature individual naturally houses a certain amount of bacteria, which are both healthy and destructive – and also a degree of yeast or Candida Albicans. Yeast is just one of the over 200 different types of Candida fungi that dwell in the system of a healthy body; it is a type that will flourish in the gastrointestinal tract or the mouth.

When a child needs to take an antibiotic, this may be a causative factor for a yeast infection because there are healthy bacteria that work in the system of the body to keep the natural amount of yeast in proper balance in the gastrointestinal tract. When antibiotics are needed for handling a viral infection, the healthy bacteria is destroyed as well. When this happens, the environment favors an accelerated production of yeast.

The seriousness of the infection in a child can range from a mild condition(which is most usually found), to a rather life endangering condition. A common child yeast infection will merge into the organs and blood stream by means of the gastrointestinal system. When a child has a normal immune system there is really nothing to be alarmed over and the infection is easily treated, but with those who have a weakened immune system – this can be a huge reason to be concerned.

When there is a yeast infection found in the mouth, it is called an Oral Thrush. It will compromise the mouth and the throat by infecting the esophagus. This kind of infection can happen during the birth process of a newborn as they make there way through the birth canal, where natural yeast does reside. The immune system of an infant is not fully developed, so the newborn can end up with cottage cheese type growths on the inside of the mouth, back of the throat or tongue. This is easily treated by using Nystatin which is an anti-fungal antibiotic. This is used to prevent candida from getting into the blood stream.

Probably the biggest cause of a child yeast infection is due to diaper rash. Keep the area as dry as possible and as clean as possible, by changing the diaper more often than you would normally and use an anti-fungal cream. This should eliminate the problem for good.

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