Acidophilus yeast infection info and treatment

Having an Acidophilus yeast infection is irritating and painful but there are many options for treatments. One option to treat Candida albicans is to use Lactobacillus acidophilus. It helps get rid of Candida albicans from your intestines and vagina by depriving the Candida of the things it needs to grow and develop. It does not engulf the solid particles of the yeast fungi ( phagacytosis) but basically starves it and so works slowly. Therefore should you want to have the infection taken care of with any kind of speed use something in conjunction with it.

The cause of Acidophilus yeast infections is the fungus Candida albicans, which is actually in around eighty per cent of humans. It resides mainly in the intestines, vagina or mouth because it loves to live in areas that are a little acidic and have a lot of sugar, are moist and mostly dark. That does not mean that everyone that has the fungi is going to get a yeast infection, its environment needs to change in its favor first.

There are a few ways Lactobacillus acidophilus and other probiotics are able to keep Candida under control. The main way is its food or the chemicals it consumes for energy. Since both probiotics and Candida feed on the same things i.e. sugars, it keeps the candida’s growth under control as it has to compete for its food. The good bacteria and the fungi are in balance.

As well as eating the same food acidophilus releases lactic acid to raise the pH of the area in which it is living. It does this because it likes to live where the pH is lower hence its name meaning acid lover. However Candida albicans are the opposite. They would rather an environment that was less acidic with a mild pH. So when there are plenty of good bacteria around they eat the fungis’ food and make it too acidic for the it to grow. Thus they are less likely to infest the region of the body in which they are residing because they are kept in a weakened state.

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