Yeast Infection Picture

Sometimes it can be valuable to see visual aids when trying to determine if you have an illness. However that is not so with yeast infections. Many of the symptoms in fact cannot be photographed so rather than searching for pictures that may cause you to misdiagnose yourself or overly worry you, have a quick look here for the six most common symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection. I have done them in order of most common symptom.


Oral yeast infection picture

  1. All women complain of itching when they have a vaginal yeast infection. The itching can be mild going all the way to extreme, making it difficult for sufferers to leave their homes sometimes.
  2. As a result of the itching there is often redness and the area around the vulva can be swollen and generally irritated.
  3. There is pain when you urinate and during sex. The pain from urinating is when the urine touches the irritated vagina.
  4. A burning sensation that is comparable to sunburn but of the vulva and inside the cavity of the vagina.
  5. There can be a discharge which can vary slightly in color and consistency from woman to woman. It can be white to yellowy and ranges from thick, to lumpy like cottage cheese to watery. A few report it more brown like.
  6. If there is discharge there is sometimes an odor that smells yeasty like bread or fermented drinks such as beer. Should you have an extremely unpleasant smell or a fishy odor this is not a yeast infection. It could be bacterial or something else enitrely. Seek your doctor’s opinion.


Oral yeast infection picture
As you can see many of these symptoms could not be shown clearly in pictures. Now that you know what to look for, if you are suffering from any or even all of these it is important to treat it as soon as possible. The longer you leave it the worse it will get and the harder to treat. There are many effective natural options you can research that will help you take care of you problem rather than wasting time looking for pictures that will not help.

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