Yeast Infection Home Treatment

If you are looking for some yeast infection home treatments you can treat yourself with for a yeast infection this is the right place to be. Yeast infections are a nightmare to have to deal with and yet over three quarters of women will have to and some point. For some unlucky ones it is a reoccurring problem with chronic yeast infections. It is important when you are trying to treat it that you choose a method that actually works, not something that will just hide the symptoms for a while. The following options are simple, easy and cost effective as well as effective yeast infection home treatments.

Tea tree oil is one option that works. It has been used for its healing properties for many years and is available from local heath stores in a small bottle. In order to apply it you also need some tampons and olive oil. First of all dip half the tampon in the olive oil so it has a base (otherwise the tea tree oil gets sucked into the tampon and doesn’t remain on the surface). Now drip some tea tree oil on it and insert it into the vagina. Leave it there for half an hour to an hour allowing the tea tree oil to be absorbed into the vagina cavity. Repeat this a couple times daily for around two weeks and your results should amaze you. No more infection!

Garlic is another very popular and time tested remedy. Eat it, or take some fresh garlic and mash it into an ointment type goo to spread on direct to the infection. Alternatively you can wrap some peeled and sliced fresh garlic in gauze or cheesecloth and insert it into the vagina. Do this again for up to two weeks for results.

Finally the popular yeast infection home treatment of yogurt. Eat it again or apply directly either making a spray, coating a tampon or just spread it on with your fingers. Do make sure you are using yogurts with good bacteria in them that are fruit and sugar free.

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