Yeast Infection Home Remedy

As you are about to discover using a yeast infection home remedy is just as effective a treatment as using conventional over the counter medication or something stronger from your doctor. In fact more and more sufferers are finding a yeast infection home remedy that is more effective than drug based treatments, plus the great thing about home remedies is they are easy to get, cheap, easy to use, effective and have none of the side effects that come with medications.

If you are unhappy with the over the counter ointments, pills, suppositories it is definitely worth giving a yeast infection home remedy a try! Do remember though that for many people suffering from a yeast infection the first natural remedy they try is not always the perfect fit. You may have to try a few before you find the one that works for you, or you may even need to find a combination of home remedies. So whether you are someone who is more conscious nowadays of what they put into their body, or you are just desperate for some actual relief from those nasty symptoms, here is a list (in no particular order) of the more common natural home remedies and how to use them.

Yogurt is definitely the most common yeast infection home remedy people turn to. It is not just any kind of yogurt though. There are certain yogurts that claim to have probiotics, live cultures, good bacteria in them. That is the yogurt you want to use if you choose this home remedy. It needs to be natural and plain so fruit and sugar free – the yeast feeds on sugar so the last thing you want to do is give it more! It works because it is the good bacteria that live in your body that usually control the growth of the fungus that leads to a yeast infection. But sometimes the good bacteria are depleted for various reasons and so using a probiotic yogurt can help replace the good bacteria in your body which will fight the yeast infection.

Yogurt can be used in several ways. First of all eating more of it is a great idea, and if you have an oral yeast infection that will also soothe your symptoms. If it is a genital infection you can also apply the yogurt like a cream to the infected area, which will also soothe the itching and burning symptoms. For women with vaginal yeast infections a tampon can be dipped in yogurt and then inserted also. Repeat as and when you can and after several days you will see a real improvement.

Tea Tree Oil
Before using this it should be diluted with water, as it is too strong in its undiluted form. A good way to make sure you do not use too much of the oil is to buy a small dropper bottle. Make a solution using one teaspoon of tea tree oil and 1 of rubbing alcohol and then add 10 drops of that into a pint of water. Mix well and can use a cotton swab to dab the area with the solution several times through out a day for several days. After a week there should be an improvement.

Another very popular yeast infection home remedy effective due to its anti fungal properties. We mean the fresh kind of course and it should also be kept raw. Its very anti fungal nature means it will start fighting the infection as soon as you start using it. Eat raw garlic each day for internal benefits either sprinkle it on a salad or if you are not keen on savouring the taste, put it in a glass of water and swallow quickly. It can also be used directly on the infected region in a couple of ways. Crush and mash a clove until it forms a paste and rub that on (this can cause a burning feeling at first) or if you would rather you could wrap a peeled clove in some cheesecloth, gauze or some such similar material. Then insert it into the vagina with either a string tied to it or a corner of cloth hanging out for easy removal.

Usually used in the form of oregano oil which can be bought from a natural and homoeopathic store. Instructions come with the oil but before you buy it check that it has a high amount of carvacol in it as this is the yeast infection fighting ingredient. Oregano oil is more for the treatment of internal yeast infections such as intestinal.

All berries are known to be wonderfully good for us and cranberries in particular are a great natural yeast infection home remedy. You can drink the juice or eat the fruit, or do both of course. If you choose to drink cranberry juice make sure it is fresh not from concentrate. The fruits should ideally be organic. This will help re-balance your body’s pH so that the environment becomes less than ideal for the fungus and it will start to die. For non cranberry lovers out there, there are cranberry pills you can get from health stores nowadays so you can get all their goodness without any taste.

Potassium sorbate
This comes from a natural health store and is the ingredient found in beer making! It is a fungicide and you use it by adding 8 grams to a glass of water. You can then either use it as a wash solution or dip a tampon in it and then insert it for a vaginal yeast infection.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Another natural yeast infection remedy but again should not be used in concentrated form. The easiest way to dilute and use the vinegar is to add some to your bath water and then soak in it for a good twenty minutes, making sure the area that has the yeast infection is submerged in it.

Boric Acid
Great care should be taken with this treatment. There are too many pieces of advice on the internet that do not stress enough that this should be used very carefully. It comes with instructions and these should be followed very precisely. It would probably be a good idea to try other natural cures first before this one.

There are many other natural yeast remedies but these are the more common ones that others have reported as effective for them. Do remember that there are other things you can do at home to help your situation to use alongside these remedies. Changes in your lifestyle may be needed as well as your diet and even your clothing. Keeping clean and very importantly dry is another thing. If you have left your infection too long without treatment you may have to visit your doctor for further advice as you may have an infection that is so severe it will not respond to any natural attempts at treatment.

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