Yeast Infection Causes – Tips for Baby Yeast

A lot of people view a yeast infection as an adult problem and in particular a female problem, but that would be incorrect. A yeast infection can happen to anyone, no matter their age or gender, and it is quite common in babies.

There are several yeast infection causes. One is if an infected mother is breast feeding it can be passed on during feeding. If the mother was infected when giving birth it could also have been passed on to the baby in the womb. After all their immune system is not yet fully developed and strong enough to fight it. A diet too high in sugars, candy, cookies, cakes, can also be a causing factor as yeast feeds on the sugar.

It is important to keep the baby clean and dry to avoid getting an infection, because baby yeast infections are quite dangerous. The yeast thrives in environments that are moist and warm so a wet diaper area is a perfect breeding ground for it. Change the diaper often and try not to use harsh soaps that can cause irritation and make the contraction of a yeast infection even more likely.

Antibiotics are another yeast infection cause so if you have a sickly child that is on antibiotics often this is something you should discuss with your child’s doctor. If the mother is breastfeeding and is on antibiotics this could be another cause as the antibiotics can be passed to the baby through the mother’s milk. Antibiotics can cause yeast infections because they kill all bacteria in the body, even the good bacteria that fights the infection by controlling the yeast’s growth.

A mouth yeast infection also know as Thrush can also be common in babies as well as the genital area. Thrush (notable by the white patches on the roof of the mouth and on the inside of the cheeks) can spread to the digestive tract and then infect the anus through the excretion.

If you have any concerns about symptoms your child is showing do not wait, take them to their doctor for a professional diagnosis and discuss treatment options before the infection worsens.

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