Using Garlic as a Remedy for Yeast Infections

Suffering through a yeast infection is a hard thing for men, women and children. The symptoms are extremely unpleasant and early treatment is important. There are three basic treatment options to choose from, prescripted, over the counter and natural.
Though it may sound odd garlic is in fact an excellent way to cure yeast infections because it has properites that are anti-funga,l and a yeast infection is a fungal infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans. So it can actively fight the infection, it is not just a tasty addition to food!

There are several ways garlic can be used to take on the infection which means when all are used together, the infection can be cleared up that much sooner. Candida is in the bodies and in the digestive system naturally but the good bacteria that are also in us usually keep the fungus under control. However sometimes our chemistry is changed by something and those good bacteria are lost which means the fungus can over grow. Eating fresh garlic each day can help replace what has been lost so you are more able to fight the disease again.

Garlic also helps soothe the symptoms of the yeast infection, the itching, burning, discharge and so on. It is all natural and safe to use, none of those chemicals to worry about as in pharmacuticals. It can be used directly even straight onto sensitive areas like the genitals. For example another way to use the garlic apart from eating it fresh, is to peel a clove and wrap in gauze and insert it up the vagina before bedtime. It will get to work straight away!

Finally you can also crush the garlic and use it like an ointment, rubbing it on the infection which will help with the rash. So you can see how garlic is the perfect remedy to try at home, eat it, insert it and apply it and in no time your symptoms will be relieved and the yeast infection will be taken care of. All you need to do is pop to the grocery store!

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