Treating a Male Yeast Infection

Anyone can get a yeast infection, women and men, and even children. It does not care what age or gender you are. It can infect almost anywhere on the body and happens when candida albicans, a fungus living naturally on the body, over grows. Usually the good bacteria controls this growth but if the balance of the body is disrupted and the good bacteria are depleted, then the fungus can spread and multiply.

This then leads to symptoms such as pain when urinating, discomfort during sex, tenderness and swelling and itching. It is also possible for men to get it off of their sexual partners and this is in fact the more common way men get it. Men need to visit a doctor as soon as they notice anything wrong or any symptoms, as there are some sexually transmitted diseases that have similar symptoms. Therefore it is important to know for sure what you have before you try treating a male yeast infection.

If it does turn out to be a male yeast infection then it is quite simple to treat. The treatments available will target the candida and kill them, while leaving the good bacteria alone to resume their job of fungus growth control.

it is important to take certain steps with your lifestyle too. Eat less sugar as this feeds the yeast. Also since the yeast thrives in moist and warm areas make sure you keep the groin area clean and dry. Some herbs and oils can be used if you prefer natural methods. They will relive the symptoms as well as attack the fungus and help your body rebalance itself.

By working with your immune system you can prevent the male yeast infection returning and keep your body balanced.

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