Symptoms Of Yeast Infection & How To Cure It!

Although women do have the largest incidence of yeast infections (occurring in the vaginal area) men and children can also get them. It is important to be sure about your condition so that you do not mistreat yourself, possibly making the problem worse or leading to future health issues. Sometimes women think they have a yeast infection but their symptoms are for something else. If you are not certain, make sure you visit your doctor for a professional diagnosis. Below I outline the common yeast infection symptoms to better help you identify if that is what you have.

Of all the symptoms of yeast infection, all sufferers complain of itching first. The itching can be slight to really insufferable and it can lead the vagina to become red and swollen from the scratching. There can be pain when having sex and when going to the bathroom.

About one fifth of sufferers experience vaginal discharge that can be white to yellowy and of a thick consistency, or cottage cheese like or even watery. Some women report that this discharge has an odor that is yeasty, almost like bread or beer. Should you be experiencing a really unpleasant odor seek medical advice as soon as you can, as this is not a sign of a yeast infection and could be something else.

The pain when urinating can make some people think they have a urinary tract infection. However these two pains are different. The pain from urinating with a yeast infection is when the urine touches the irritated and swollen vagina. Urinary tract infection pain happens as the urine comes down the urethra before it’s out. These little differences are why you need to make sure you are very clear about the specific symptoms of a yeast infection in case a doctors expertise is needed.

It is very important that if you do have an infection you know that yeast infections can be passed on during sexual intercourse. Make sure you practice safe sex, use a condom while you have the infection until you are completely clear. You can pass the infection to men and they can then pass it back. Yeast infections in men affect the penis causing itching and burning on the head, sometimes with a red rash.

Now that you know about the symptoms of yeast infection and how to deal with it, you should get started. Should you need more info, don’t hesitate to browse our blog.

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