Symptoms of a Yeast Infection

If you are seeking some help on how to recognize main symptoms of a yeast infection, this is the place to be. Though there are quite a few symptoms this article will look at four of the main ones. Sadly 90 per cent of women can or have suffered from illnesses related to Candida so you are surely not alone. It is just that most sufferers are not aware there is a connection between their symptom and Candida or Chronic yeast infections.

Four of the common symptoms of a yeast infection:
1. Health Issues – Mental and Emotional
This can take on a number of appearances/feelings varying greatly from each person. A lot of people have said that once they have had their Candida problem resolved permanently they have felt so much better in their general happiness and well being, less tense and stressed. The depression lifts or the brain fog has cleared and everything is clear again.

2. Breathing
It has been found that there are links between Candida and respiratory ailments like asthma or chronic congestion. Candida affects the immune system so its impact is broad and includes your respiration.

3. Skin
There are several skin conditions that are affected by Candida, a few include hives, acne, eczema, psoriasis and rashes. There are ointments and supplements to help with these skin symptoms of a yeast infection but if you get rid of the Candida you will be amazed at the direct impact on those skin problems.

4. Digestion
When a person visits their doctor complaining of digestive problems, the diagnosis is quite often IBS. But Candida is also having an effect here. It causes your body to have some inflammation from the by products it creates. Acetaldehyde is one of these by products and can cause a lot of problems unless the Candida is taken care of. For example one thing that this Acetaldehyde can cause is an over night food allergy!
With more awareness of the symptoms and why they are happening you are better able to see why taking steps to bring your body back into balance and eradicate the excess candida is so important to your over all health.

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