Some Cures for Yeast Infections

There are so many women that have suffered from yeast infections or that are going to at some point, and yet drug companies still have not produced treatments that work on the root problem as well as the symptoms. Having a yeast infection is extremely embarrassing and very unpleasant. Suffering with the itching, the soreness, the swelling and sometimes an odor makes you want a cure that is as quick as possible. Women are tired of being depressed over this illness. But more are becoming aware of some easy and quick home remedies that can at least take care of the symptoms cheaper and quicker while you work on the root cause by looking at your lifestyle and diet. Below are those three easy and quick treatments that have been tried and tested by experienced women.

Garlic is known to have many healing properties and these also work on yeast infections. It has anti fungal aspects that fight the infection. Peel a clove and rub it over the infected area, leave overnight then wash in the morning with warm water and dry carefully. Alternatively wrap a peeled clove and insert it. Of course eating plenty in your diet helps too. Smelly but it works, I promise!

Yogurt is wonderful because it soothes the symptoms as it takes care of them. Use a plain bio yogurt (with live bacteria) apply it directly and leave for a couple of hours then wash with warm water and dry by patting. Alternatively you can dip a tampon in it and insert it into the vagina. Again this can be eaten as well. Very importantly avoid yogurts with added sugar as this nourishes the yeast.

Aloe vera, often used for burning symptoms, also soothes the itching and swelling. Using your fingers smear it over the affected area.

Depending on how bad your yeast infection is depends on how well these treatments will work. The more severe your symptoms the less effective they will be and remember they are not a permanent solution.

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