Signs of Yeast Symptoms

In order to know how to deal with a yeast infection it helps to understand how and why they happen. In order to accurately self diagnose it is also essential to know the signs of yeast symptoms so that you do not incorrectly treat yourself. Yeast infections are caused by a Candida fungus. This fungus is always within you but is kept under control by the good bacteria in your body. When the Candida grow and multiply the infection occurs. The most common place for the infection is the vagina as it has the perfect environment for it, damp and warm.

Signs of yeast symptoms vary from woman to woman in form and intensity. The more common ones are itching which can be very embarrassing to deal with in public, and a general soreness in the area. There can also be a burning sensation particularly when you urinate and when you have sex. It is worth noting here that though yeast infections are not classified as sexually transmitted diseases you can pass the yeast to your sexual partner and then they can pass it back again. Some complain of a discharge that is white in appearance.

Try to avoid antibiotics if you believe you have a signs of yeast symptoms as they kill the good bacteria and so the fungus will grow further without your body being able to effectively fight it. It would be advisable to visit your doctor if you believe you have a yeast infection as he or she can give a definite diagnosis and advise you on treatment.

There are natural remedies that work if you are interested. Garlic inserted up the vagina works because of the garlic’s anti-fungal properties. Yogurt, the pro biotic kind, will replace any good bacteria you are missing. Apple cider vinegar can be added to bath water to soak the area in. Even if you wish to go the natural route it would still be a good idea to consult you doctor. Tell them about the natural remedies you are interested in and ask them for their professional opinion.

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