Male Yeast Symptoms

It is true, men can get yeast infections too, it is not just a female problem. It can happen when you have sex with soemone who is already infected, though it is not officially classed as a sexually transmitted disease. In order to recognise whether you are suffering from a yeast infection look for itching on the head of the penis, a red maybe flaky rash, occasionally little blisters down the shaft and possibly a sometimes lumpy, white discharge that comes from the tip. You may also experience burning after you urinate and after intercourse.

It is important that you know yeast infections can multiply and spread very fast. Another type of yeast infection men can commonly suffer from is known as jock itch. This one usually centers around the testicles and then spreads back to the anus. The rash with it can be red or dark brown and raised and there can be a whiteness around folded skin areas. It also itches and burns and like all yeast infections happens due to the environment being moist and hot.

If you are one of the unfortunates that are having reoccurred a yeast infection, whether athletes foot, jock itch, yeast infection in the penis, or nail infection it may be due to a problem with Candida. This is the fungus that multiplies and becomes the infection. It can lead to depression, tiredness, headaches, memory problems, breathing problems, skin rashes, and even impotency. Avoid eating high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates as these feed the yeast and help it grow. Try to avoid stress and taking antibiotics or steroids over a long time as these affect the immune systems ability to do its job and antibiotics kill good bacteria that fight the infection.

As well as making these changes you can also try anti fungal supplements, bring in more good bacteria into your body with supplements and foods. There are also anti fungal remedies from your local pharmacy. Remember to try wearing loose clothing that is made of cotton or other breathable materials that lets air get to the skin. Finally have a very strict hygiene routine that washes and very importantly dries thoroughly.

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