Male Yeast Infections – Review

Although it is true women are more likely to get a yeast infection than a man, men can still get them and many of the reasons and symptoms are similar between the two gender types. However since more men drink beer which contains yeast they can help a yeast infection grow that way. The yeast in beer does not cause an infection but provides it with nutrients. If you understand how a yeast infection happens the more change you have in avoiding getting them are getting rid of them quicker when you have it.

Usually men only recognize that they may have a yeast infection if their health begins to fail. If the urethra is infected there can be a problem with how it works during sexual intercourse which clues them into the fact that something is wrong. Other symptoms for men are constipation, smelly breath, stomach problems, intestinal gas and diarrhea.

When a male yeast infection has infected the penis it often has small white bumps up the shaft, redness and swelling and itching of the head. It can be treated with Lotrimin which can be bought from your local pharmacy. Another option is Gentian Violet which is a natural treatment. Aceium is also effective at treating the infection’s symptoms. There are some herbs that will work to clear up the symptoms and one extract you can try is Nutribiotic Liquid Grapefruit Sea Extract.

There are many other ways to clear up the yeast infection, the methods that work for female yeast infections will be just as effective for male ones, i.e. Yogurt, tea tree oil and garlic to name but a few. Lifestyle changes are also important to make to stop the infection returning, drink lots of water, wear loose breathable clothing, wash and dry very carefully and properly. It is also important to know your sexual partner’s health, if she is suffering from a yeast infection make sure you practice safe sex and wear a condom. Lastly take a look at your diet and take steps to improve it, apart from cutting out beer and drinking water as mentioned, try removing sugars and carbohydrates too as sugar is the yeast infection’s main food.

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