Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Women are more likely to get a yeast infection than men, but men can still get them and the symptoms and causes tend to be very similar. In men because they are more likely to be beer drinkers this can help a male yeast infection thrive as does eating lots of sweet snacks. Once you understand what a yeast infection is and clear yourself of any misconceptions and old wive tales you will be able to avoid the infection and make the changes in your lifestyle if they are needed.

Men do not always immediately recognise that they have a yeast infection, it is only when their health worsens that they suspect something is wrong. If the urethra is affected by a yeast infection this can be nasty as it can damage the man’s sexual function. This is a big clue to men that there is a problem.

Common male yeast infection symptoms are smelly breath, indigestion, constipation, bloatedness, gas, diarrhea and very loose stools. As mentioned before not being able to function during sex is also a sign, as well as pain during sex. There can be itching, a rash along the penis, sometimes white or yellow discharge from the tip and redness.

If the male yeast infection is affecting the penis there is a treatment called Lotrimin that can be purchased at the pharmacy over the counter. Gentian Violet is another treatment that is safe and natural. Aceium is also a good option to treat the infection with. A recommened herbal product is Nutribiotic Liquid Grapefruit See Extract. Other natural remedies that work for women would also work for men including yogurt, tea tree oil, garlic and white vinegar. There are plenty of treatments you can choose from which is a relief I am sure since the infection is very unpleasant to suffer from.

A final piece of advice is checking your diet. As mentioned before cut out sugar and beer, but also cut down on carbohydrates, processed and refined foods. Eat more vegetables and find ways to destress. Wear natural fibred clothing and keep it loose. Drink lots of water to help clean and flush out your system.

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