Male Yeast Infection – Candida Symptoms

It is a common misconception that yeast infections are a woman’s illness, but in fact it can occur in anyone, men, women and even children. It just perhaps thrives in men for different reasons, for example men tend to be more beer drinkers, and the yeast and fermentation of beer can help yeast thrive as is is a source of nourishment. Men often get yeast infections from their infected female sexual partners so safe sex is important even though it is not classed as an STD.

When comparing male and female symptoms they are in fact very similar, itching, redness, pain, white discharge are all common symptoms for both genders. A yeast infection happens when the Candida Albican micro organisms, that live harmlessly usually on your body, increase in growth. They particularly love dark and damp regions of the body which is why they are so common in the genital area. In men a yeast infection can cause a general health drop, an inability to perform sexually, constipation, indigestion, bad breath, gas, mood swings, loose stools, bloating and irritability.

There are several options when looking for a cure for a male yeast infection. Lotrimin and Gentian Violet are two options that can be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy. These two are particularly if the infection is around the penis. Other possible cures you may want to consider are grapefruit seed extract and Aceium.

As well as finding a cure take a look at your lifestyle and diet. Drink a lot of water as it will help flush out your system. Detoxifying can help relieve symptoms like pain, itching and the burning. Find out what foods you can and cannot eat and keep the area clean and dry. Try wearing loose clothing made from materials like cotton that allow air in.

Sometimes self treating with natural or over the counter treatments does not work, therefore it may be necessary to make an appointment with your doctor. They can check your self diagnosis in case you got it wrong and prescribe stronger medications, particularly if you have a yeast infection that is more severe.

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