Home Treatment for Yeast Infection

Since the beginning of the 1990s more and more people are becoming interested in home remedies for treating yeast infections. This is has happened for two reasons. One is that more people are getting yeast infections due to a poor diet that includes convenience and processed foods, less exercise and high stress. The other is because homeopathic and holistic approaches to medicine in general has become a lot more popular.

There are five main subtypes of yeast infection; male, systemic, oral, bay and vaginal. It is an infection caused by a micro organsim called Candida. Symptoms are swelling, itchiness, redness, burning, rashes, discharge, tiredness, lethargy, aching muscles, allergy like reactions and depression. There is absolutely no point in pretending these symptoms are not happening and that you do not have a yeast infection as it will not go away by itself. In fact leaving it untreated worsens the infection and can have a negative affect on other functions of the body.

Having a yeast infection is distressing and painful and can have a very strong impact on a person’s life. The usual methods of treating them tend to just be designed to treat the symptoms of the infection not the root problem. Such methods include antibiotics and steroid creams. They may quickly bring relief to the symptoms such as swelling, burning and rashes but the underlying cause remains.

This results in sufferers having reoccurring and or chronic infections longing for permanent relief. If used properly home remedies can soothe the symptoms as well as begin to address the cause, all for less money and no side effects. Home remedies include garlic, apple cider vinegar, plain yogurt, probiotics in your food, supplements both herbal and vitamin and diet changes.
Yeast infections are complex and have a variety of causes both external and internal. Therefore alongside the natural remedies that take care of the symptoms a holistic program is needed, in order to get rid of toxins. It is changes in the diet and lifestyle that will help prevent it ever returning.

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