Home Remedies For Yeast Infections

Yeast infections affect all people, male or female, regardless of age. They are caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans that we have natually on our bodies. Usually it is harmless as it is controlled by good bacteria, but if allowed to over grow it becomes a yeast infection which can affect the genitals, the mouth (Thrush), under folds of skin, the intestines and areas that are warm, moist and dark.

There are so many different natural home remedies for different illnesses, but not all actually work! In this article I will give you four home cures for yeast infection that do work and that will take care of the problem safely and quickly.

1) Apple cider vinegar – Simply dilute it with water then dab it on the infected region to relive symptoms such as itchiness. Add some garlic to make it more powerful as garlic is also a great natural cure with antifungal and antibacteria properties.

2) Yogurt – The right type of yogurt has good bacteria in it that will get the yeast back under control. It needs to be live sugar free yogurt. You can also use curds. Dip a tampon in it and insert it two to three times daily.

3) Buttermilk – Drinking buttermilk every day if you have an infection can also help you get rid of it and prevent it returning

4) Probiotic – These are a great thing to take for the benefit of being healthy in general as well as specifically for a yeast infection. Otherwise known as friendly bacteria they can be found in some yogurts or taken as a supplement from your local health store. They prevent the growth of the Candida.

Different home remedies for yeast infections work for different people so if you find that one of these is not working, try another. It is a case of trial and error until you find the one for you. Just because the first one doesn’t work doesn’t mean natural cures do not work, your body just may not respond well to that particular choice. It will also help you to find out what lifestyle changes you need to make to help get rid of yeast infections for good.

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