4 Symptoms of Vaginal Candida Infections

There are many symptoms when you have a vaginal yeast infection and not all women experience all symptoms. However some symptoms are more common, so this article will take a look at four of the more common signs of a vaginal yeast infection. Yeast infections can happen on many different parts of the body and symptoms are similar, but vaginal yeast infection is the most common one, which is why it incorrectly gets thought of as a female infection.

1. Itching and Irritation
This symptom is the most commonly reported one by female sufferers. The vagina is itchy and sore and feels uncomfortable. Sometimes there is a burning feeling when you urinate as the urine passes over the irritated red swollen skin. Many women find this can affect them so adversely that they do not want to go out amongst other people.

2. Discharge
Many women report an unusual discharge that varies in color from clear to white to sometimes even a yellowy tint to it. Its consistency also varies but is usually thick but lumpy like cottage cheese. It sometimes has an odor that is yeasty like bread or beer.

3. Pain during sex
If you are sexually active and you have a yeast infection, first of all make sure you use a condom as it can be passed on during sex, which means if your partner gets it, even if you treat yourself, if he doesn’t, they can pass it back to you. However some women find they are unable to have sex when they have an infection because it is painful. This is because the yeast can make the mucous membrane dry and sexual activity causes irritation.

4. Depression
Quite often this is a symptom of having a yeast infection as sufferers are in discomfort and pain for as long as they leave it untreated which can cause women to become depressed. Particularly if the infection keeps returning and teatments are ineffective.

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